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Some Easy and Useful Tips for Garden Maintenance

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Today, many people maintain their own gardens whether big or small. But, planting a garden is one thing and maintaining a garden is a totally different task. The majority of people found it a cumbersome job to maintain a garden and get confused in determining the right steps or ways to be followed in caring for their garden. Let us tell you that garden maintenance is not so time-consuming or tiresome job as it seems to be. It just requires a little effort in observing of a few steps. For your convenience, we have listed here some easy and useful tips for garden maintenance, which will surely change your opinion about garden maintenance:

Useful Tips for Garden Maintenance

Garden Planning
Planning is an important thing in all fields, and the same is true of the gardens. If a garden is properly planned, it eliminates further hassles of the gardener. Proper planning of a garden means there should not be too many hedges; hedges should be planted on borders; there should be proper spacing between the plants grown; appropriate partitions should be made between plants of different types; selection of right plants should be made, i.e., the plants grown, should be in accordance with the geographical area.

Cleaning the Garden
The things like dead plants, fallen leaves, and other miscellaneous debris may spoil the beauty of your garden. So, it is preferable to clean your garden daily with the help of garden tools like rake and trowel. Also, if your garden possesses patios or walkways, they should be cleaned with the help of a pressure washer or a similar product. The garden cleaning activity is not only confined to sweeping and washing, it involves removing weeds, regular removal of unevenly grown branches and hedges, and leveling of grass as well. These tasks can be comfortably done with the help of garden tools like weeder, sheers, and mower respectively. These daily gardening activities do not take much time, and their effectiveness is much more in comparison to the effort done. However, if you still can't manage to perform these activities on a daily basis, you should at least perform them on a weekly basis in order to retain the beauty of your garden.

Keeping Away Garden Pests
Pests are one of the major threats to the garden. They usually spoil the beauty of the garden by eating plants and flowers and defecating. So, it is important to keep away the garden pests, but how? Well, for preventing your garden from pests like deer, sprinkle some of the clippings of human hair at the borders of your garden. You must be wondering that what benefit will it do, but it's a proven fact that deer and other such plant eating animals don't like the human smell, so they usually steer clear of the area where they feel this smell. Pests like raccoons, rats, and squirrels can be kept away by sprinkling pepper around the plants. There are also several aphids and spider mites that could harm the plants in your garden; they can be kept away by spraying a mixture of one gallon water and 4 tbsp of dish soap over the plants.

Seasonal or Occasional Care
The plants in your garden may sometimes appear impoverished, but there is nothing to worry about it. The reason of the plants becoming pooped may be seasonal change, extreme weather conditions, or other miscellaneous reasons. For rejuvenating your plants, you may apply some organic fertilizer (prescribed for general use) near the roots of the plants. The plants could also be nourished by feeding their roots with mulch or compost. These activities are, however, not a part of the regular care, but they are to be performed only when there is a need or immediately after the change of a season.

If you will simply follow the four garden maintenance tips given above, you will definitely succeed in maintaining a beautiful and lively garden, and that too without much effort.