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Garden Rakes
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Garden Rakes
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Garden Rakes

Garden Rakes
A garden rake is a useful tool with a long handle and a row of projecting teeth at its head for preparing the soil to plant your garden. It is one of the most useful tool that one can have in the shed. These rakes are functionally elegant in design and help to keep the lawn tidy.

There are two basic type of rakes that every gardener must have to take care of important lawn care functions:
  • A lawn rake
  • A gardener rake

Garden rake can clean all kinds of debris from the lawn. In the ancient time, these rakes were being used to rake leaves during the winter. Rake is the ideal tool for reaching under bushes and digging out all the decaying leaves, twigs, debris and junk that get stuck in there.

Materials Used to Make the Rake
While buying a rake for your garden, the most important aspect to consider is the materials from which the rake is made. Some people will go for a heavier steel rake. While some other, who experience weakness in their hands or wrists, will choose a light weight rake that is easier to use. Garden rakes can be made from stainless steel, wood, plastic, aluminum, iron, etc. Garden rakes of metal are efficient at working in the soil. Plastic rakes are the least preferred because of its poor durability. While selecting a plastic rake, we should make sure that the plastic possesses high strength.

These garden rakes are used to smoothen and break up the soil after cultivating. Adaptable for all garden works, it is used to do the following: » Lawn grass raking
» Seed bed cleaning and preparation
» Removing autumn leaves
» Scarifying
» Raking gravel
» Gathering hedge trimmings, twigs, garden refuse etc.

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