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Bird Feeders

Bird Feeders
A bird feeder is an outdoor container to feed birds and thereby attract them. The bird feeders which are mostly kept in the garden impart added beauty and natural touch to the surroundings. It was originally used to to attract wild birds. The birds attracted by the feeder present the sights and sounds of flittering about, dining and splashing in a puddle of water. They help you enjoy birdwatching in your backyard. Bird feeders made up of stone are regarded as best and have been in usage throughout ages.

Exhibiting dexterity of craftsmanship, bird feeders are available in many shapes, sizes, materials, colors and designs. Several material used in making of them are sandstone, marble, granite, soapstone, brass, copper, wood, metal, stoneware, cast aluminum, iron, clay & wood. All of them are durable and highly resistant towards weather & rusting. They just beautify and raise the ambiance of surrounding area through their presence.

There are many different types of feeders available in the market. It is also seen that not not all birds will use the same feeder or eat the same bird food. At times for many bird lovers, it becomes a better idea to hang or place several feeders in your garden to attract different types of birds. The more you attract, the more enjoyable your birdwatching will be. Also, they are available in several sizes and designs like hanging feeders, platform feeders, tube feeders, window feeders, cage tube feeder etc.

Platform feeders are actually in the shape of tables with rised edges and are the easiest kind of feeder to build and maintain. There are tube feeders which are great for smaller, perching birds , which allow these birds to eat without being turfed out by bigger birds. There are even special finch feeders that cater only to finches and other small birds. Hopper feeders are designed in such a way to allow for a large amount of seed to be dispensed little by little to feeding birds. These are universal feeders, catering to all sorts of birds.

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