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Selecting Right Garden Tools & Accessories

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Designing the garden of your dream is just a beginning. Maintaining the bloom of your garden round the year is a great challenge. One of the most important aspects of the gardening is lawn care. A combination of nature complimented by the human efforts can be useful in creating the most magical settings. But it will be always difficult to go ahead without the right knowledge of garden tools and accessories. Selection of right professional garden tools and accessories will make the work a real fun. This article attempts to guide the readers in selecting best garden tools and accessories for their garden maintenance work.

Garden Hoses
Most important thing you must consider while selecting the hose is the quality of the material. Majority of hoses available in the market are made of four kinds of material; rubber, polyurethane, vinyl, or recycled rubber. Vinyl hoses are least expensive with shorter life span. Reinforced rubber are bit expensive, but flexible enough to provide easy go through turns in your garden. These hoses are likely to outlast cheap vinyl hoses. A hose with layer of an outer cord reinforcement (nylon or rubber) posses greater abrasion to wear and tear. Moreover, the reinforced hoses are rugged enough to resist weather changes and punctures.
Garden Hoses

Watering Can Watering Cans
You would be surprised to know, there are multitudes of designs in watering cans. Much depends upon this simple yet useful garden accessory. The weight of water is almost eight pounds per gallon and if we include weight of the metal, it could be over nine pounds. Although heavy metal is an attractive option, but certainly adds an extra weight. Hence always go for lightweight watering cans.

Shears are available in a variety of designs. Classification can be done according to the specific use of the tool. There are shears that are used to prune the rose, the types that may be specifically applied to remove the branches from top of the tree, and the type that trims smaller shrubs and bushes. Whichever design you may select, the important thing to consider is the quality of the tool. Buy shears that uses a strong scissors. Always select a shear with curved edges for greater shear and clean cuts. Try your hands on the grip, a comfortable grip will help you to do the work with precision.

Shovels Shovels
A shovel is considered to be most important garden tool. It is available in variety of different designs and materials. The strength of the blade should be the first and foremost thing you should consider while selecting the shovel. Blade should be made of rust proof metal having sharp edges. Shovel should be completely balanced viz. it should have a right weight. Light weight handle made of plastic will leave you exhausted at end of the work. The handle should always be of unbreakable material like oak or maple.

Besides these major tools and accessories, you have access to a range of specialized tools for gardening. Every tool has its own function. It is always wiser to choose ergonomic garden tools and accessories that can make your task much easier.