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Wall Planters

Wall Planters
Wall planters signify the planters that are mounted on the walls of houses, hotels, resorts, etc., usually for decoration purposes. Although they can be used for outdoors also, but these planters are generally meant for indoor use only. These planters are widely used in the Mexican tradition. Wall planters provide the best way of showcasing ones collection of beautiful flowers and plants.

Wall planters are not only elegant decoration items, but utility items as well. Two main benefits are lent by wall planters, viz., they help in conserving space and they protect valuable plants from being spoiled by children, pets, etc. Nowadays, the designer wall planters are widely used for adorning the otherwise dreary interior as well as exterior spaces. They are considered ideal for climbing or cascading plants with considerable flowers and herbs.

Today, wall planters are available in numerous designs, sizes, shapes, and colors. Similarly, they are fabricated from several materials like wood, cane, stone, terracotta ceramic, plastic, to name a few. Multiple use planters are also in vogue these days, which can be used both as wall planters and vases. The contemporary wall planters are compact, durable, aesthetic, and inexpensive.

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