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Votive Candle Holders

Votive Candle Holders
Votives are a popular candle these days. Since the votive candles are a little larger than the tea lites, the holders are also a little larger. Votive candle holders are usually made of heat resistant glass. The snug fitting holders allow proper burning of the candle. Care should be taken that the candles are not directly placed over the counter but a snug candle holder kept on another base.

The glass votive holders are thick walled and usually colored. They may have embossed designs and different accents given by the use of frosted colors, stain glass or crush glass. Glass holders are often combined with black metal to give an artistic touch and the holders can be arranged in artistic ways. The holders are also modeled with ceramic or porcelain or clay on the outer wall to give patterns that do not interfere with the candle burning.

Votive candles are beautiful you can enhance their beauty by placing them inside artistic votive candle holders. The holders add a unique touch to any candlelit setting. An elegant holder to use in any setting. Illuminate any occasion with a classy candle holder for any casual or formal event.

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