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Toad Statue

A toad statue is one of the favorite statues in garden decor that can bring a natural smile on anyone's face. In fact, toads are one of the most popular animal sculptures that can be found in a garden. What's more, garden toad statues are significantly economical in comparison to other garden figurines.

Made in varied sizes from miniature to giant, the garden toad statues can be kept in different positions and locations to suit the garden decor. Kept near the short shrubs or perched on rocks or as a side piece decor, it gives a natural feel to the surroundings. These statues provide one of the best options of contributing to the natural beauty of the garden with minimal interference.

These toad or frog sculptures can be made in stone, concrete, metal or resin. Given a realistic touch with spots and contours they may even give a pleasant surprise to the passers by when positioned correctly. They can be installed near water bodies or fountains to accentuate the theme. They can also be painted accordingly if the decor requires so.

Giant sized toad statues can be placed alone or in pairs at primary locations in the garden while the small sized toads can be used in a group containing as many toads as desirable or appropriate. If these toads are selected and placed intelligently in the garden, they may seem real to the visitors and provide an interesting look to the whole environment.

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