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Squirrel Free Bird Feeders

Squirrel Free Bird Feeders
One may not dislike squirrels but at times they become a problem while feeding birds. A lot many ways have been created to discourage squirrels and other rodents from feeding on the bird feed. The challenge was initially posed when people didn't want to loose on the aesthetic value of the feeders.

The modern day squirrel free bird feeders are beautiful and functional. Newer ideas keep coming up from those passionate about bird feeding. Common types of squirrel free bird feeders are:

Tube bird feeder : Tube bird feeders are the most common type. The perch of the feeder is weight sensitive. As soon as the squirrel steps, it spins and the squirrel falls.

Platform Double Mesh feeder : It is suitable for all birds and discourages the squirrels in an un-harming way. The feed is kept under a two grid system. The birds can pick the feed from their beaks but the squirrels cannot manage it with claws.

Electric squirrel free bird feeders : These feeders are also weight sensitive. As soon as a squirrel steps on it is gives a slight harmless sting of shock. This discourages it from coming on the feeder again.

Roller feeder : They have two full length feed stations with a transparent cover. They are also weight sensitive. As soon as a squirrel jumps onto it, the barrel feeder rolls over and the squirrel falls down without spilling the seed.

Ring-loaded squirrel-guard dome : It appears to be an easy target for the rodents but as soon as the squirrels weight falls on the spring, the dome snaps shut. It automatically opens when the squirrel crawls down.

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