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Hanging Planter

Hanging Planter
Hanging planters, as the name suggests, are the planters that are either suspended from the ceiling (if used in interiors), or dangled from a pole, etc., (if used in exteriors), with the help of a rope or chain. These planters are meant for filling and embellishing the vertical space in a garden, patio, or under the trees. They are also suitable for small spaces like balcony and small verandas, where large planters cannot be placed. These planters can add an artistic flair to any space, whether indoor or outdoor.

The most common type of hanging planters are galvanized wire baskets. Cane baskets with water insulation or plastic baskets are also used. They come in different shapes and colors. Ceramic and terracotta hanging pots are becoming a favorite for indoors. They are small, beautiful and can be kept more clean and tidy. Even the wooden planters are being used these days. These beautiful hanging planters are created by dexterous and proficient artisans.

Hanging planters, either placed in gardens or balconies, etc., are generally adorned with plants like dahlia, pansy, germanium, and so. These planters are also easy to carry and replace owing to their lightweight. They can be easily found on handicraft shops, planter shops, and so. Nowadays, this kind of stuff is readily available online also for the purpose of viewing and purchasing.

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