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Copper Bird Feeder

Copper Bird Feeder
Copper is a metal that beautifies with time in terms of ethnic appeal. Copper bird feeders last a life time. Copper can be hammered or cast into beautiful shapes and the patterns can be created on them. Copper and its alloys can also be cast in different artistic and elegant shapes. Hand crafted spun copper is a favorite.

Copper merges with nature very beautifully. Be it the garden or the open courtyard, copper lantern bird feeders whether simple or finely crafted, never appear out of place or interfere with the surroundings. Coppers versatility lies in the fact that it blends well with other materials like glass or plastic etc. in a beautiful manner.

Gazebo bird feeder is a common basic pattern made in copper. Squirrel proof bird feeders are generally of copper. Other patterns can be moldings and hollow shapes. Tube and dish feeders are also popular. Often very beautiful tired bird feeders are created using copper.

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